GripSeal BrickSealer

GripSeal BrickSealer

A deep penetrating, ready to use, weather resistant
sealer for interior and exterior porous brick surfaces.

Protect, restore and extend the life of your brick surfaces. GripSeal Brick Sealer is a water-based formula that is made from the best ingredients and has been perfected over 20 years.

GripSeal Brick Sealer is specifically designed for the sealing of interior and exterior porous brick surfaces. It will waterproof, protect, and provide an aesthetically superior sheen finish that will offer superb protection and increased longevity as well as enhancing the brick surface.

GripSeal Brick Sealer is non-toxic, weather resistant, water repelling and is easy to apply. It contains a UV inhibitor which increases its sun-resistant properties and also retards bacterial and fungal growth.

Gripseal Brick Sealer is a brand that in the construction market, has long been trusted by architects, engineers and building owners for many years.

Product Applications:

Brick Patios, Brick Driveways, Clay Bricks and Brick Veneers.

Interior Use

Exterior use

Stains & Seals

Easy Application

Over 50 Colours Available

Quick Drying



User Friendly

Stain Resistant


Highly Durable

UV Resistant

COVERAGE: 8 – 10 m2 per Litre – Depending on Surface Porosity.


  1. Ensure that the surface is entirely free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, stains and solvents. Do not apply on damp bricks or walls. Ensure the surface is absorbent.

  2. Use a brush, sponge brush or roller or spray gun to apply. Do not apply in direct sunlight. For best results apply 2 thin, even coats. On bricks with low porosity, apply thin coats. Allow 20 minutes between coats and 12 hours for the sealant to cure completely.

  3. Clean the GripSeal applicators with clean water directly after application.

GripSeal – Brick Sealer – Technical Specifications

GripSeal BrickSealer
Drying Time: 20 min at 20 Degrees
Curing Time: 12 Hours
First Coat Absorption: 1 – 5 mm
Depending on porosity
Sealer Thickness: 22 – 27 Microns per coat
Resistance: Alkaline
Temperature Tolerance: -10˚C to 130˚C
Coverage: 6-10 m2 per litre
Varies according to porosity of substrate
Water Absorption: 0,20% to 0,25% after 300 Hours
Salt Test: 1000 Hours Satisfactory
Form: Liquid
Colour: Milky
In non-pigment form
Storage Conditions: Room Temperature
Shelf Life: 4 Years