GripSeal Everwood

A deep penetrating, UV resistant, non-film forming, water-based oil specially formulated to preserve, protect, nourish and enhance exterior wood surfaces.

GripSeal Everwood contains UV protectors which protects wood against the damaging effects of the sun, rain, heat and cold as well as containing biocides which retard bacterial and fungal growth. Gripseal Everwood has a low molecular weight which offers highly effective penetration into the wood substrates which ensures maximum protection and preservation of the wood. Due to its high penetration ability and the ideal combination of various natural oils, it not only feeds the wood but ensures good filling of the wood pores and capillaries, as well as excellent transportation of the fungicides deep into the wood.

Gripseal Everwood is a non-toxic, low VOC and environmentally friendly product that is fully compliant with international coating standards.

Legislation concerning VOC reduction is currently one of the main driving forces for the architectural and building industry, and Gripseal Everwood is proud to be totally compliant with VOC limits as defined by the European Directive 2004/42/CE.

Product Applications:

Decks, Grarage Doors, Window Frames, Jungle Gyms, Wooden Fences, Gates and Outdoor Furniture.

Water-based Oil

Deep Penetrating

Non-film Forming

Wood Preservative

UV Resistant

Weatherproof & Easy Maintenance

Easy Application

A Variety of Colours Available

Environmentally Friendly

Easy Maintenance Re-coats

Minimal Sanding Required

Water Clean-up

Exterior Use Only

COVERAGE: 10 – 12 m2 per litre - Softer Woods. 8 - 10 m2 per litre - Harder Woods. Available in 1L and 5L. Larger quantities are available on request.


  1. It is imperative that the correct preparation of surface is done for your first application of Everwood. All previous treatments must have been removed and the wood sanded down to penetrable raw wood (not too fine a grit to be used).

  2. Ensure wood surfaces are clean, dry and smooth. New Wood: Sand in the direction of the wood grain to a smooth finish. Previously varnished/oiled: Remove the old coat by sanding to raw wood or using a paint stripper and sanding to raw wood. Wood previously treated with Everwood: Wipe down with a cloth to remove dust and dirt. If necessary rub down with steel wool or 180 grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.

  3. Use a paintbrush, sponge brush, roller or spray gun. For best results, apply 3 thin, even coats. Allow 45 minutes between coats and 24 hours for the applied coat to cure completely.

  4. Clean the GripSeal applicators with clean water directly after application.

Maintenance – Apply a maintenance coat approximately every 12 – 24 months or when wood appears to be faded.
(The degree of exposure will determine how frequently the maintenance coat is required).

Formulation Suggestions

Everwood is formulated into zero VOC (Volitile Organic Compound) wood sealers using environmetally responsible raw materials.
Iron Oxides used to colour the wood are UV resistant and the oils are naturally compatible with wood to highlight the wood grain
and feed the wood. A simple 2 coat application burnishes the wood and brings to life.

Maintenance is made easy by simply applying an overcoat every 12 to 18 months.

Everwood Available Colours


Light Oak


Dark Oak



Please Note: Although these colours have been matched as best as possible to the original samples. They are a representation of the
the colours available in the GripSeal Range and will differ depending on the use.

GripSeal – Everwood – Technical Specifications

Solids Content: 25%
Typical Application: Good Wood Penetration
Properties: Excellent Weatherability
Ease of Application
Easy to Maintain
Zero VOC
Surface Effect: Block Resistant
Dirt or Soil Resistant
Interior Applications
Highlights Wood Grain
No Wood Fibre Swelling
Uses: Open Porous Wood Coating
Surface Film < 10%
Wood Preservatives
Penetrative Sealers
100% Softwood Penetration
Environmental Impact: VOC < 10g/l
Contains Less than 4% driers
No Solvents Added
Natural 100% renewable
oils used.