GripSeal Resilience

HArd Wearing Topcoat

A durable, hardwearing, scuff, chip, heat and UV resistant top coat that is suitable for the sealing of bar tops, tables, garden furniture, wooden doors, shutters and picket fences where a matt, velvet or gloss finish is required.

A unique feature of Gripseal Resilience is that due to its unique formulation and ‘Pearl Nucleus Technology’, it will remain stable in outdoor applications and prevents warping and splitting of timber as it stops moisture from being absorbed, while still allowing the wood to breathe.

Please note: correct surface preparation and application is vital in allowing the product to perform to its full potential.

Product Applications:

Bar Tops, Tables, Garden Furniture & Interior Wooden Floors.

UV Resistant

Highly Durable

Easy Application


Environmentally Friendly

Available in Gloss, Matt or Velvet



Stain Resistant

Quick Drying

COVERAGE: 10 - 12 m2 per Litre per Coat – Depending on Surface Porosity.


  1. Ensure that the surface is entirely free of oil, grease, stains and solvents. Sand wood to a smooth surface.

  2. Use a brush or sponge to apply the first coat of the product diluted 50/50 with clean tap water. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

  3. Apply a second coat undiluted after a minimum of 30 minutes. And sand lightly between the second and final coat. Apply one further undiluted, thin coat after 30 minutes.

  4. Clean sponge or brush with clean water directly after application, and allow 12 hours for Resilience to cure completely.

For wood coated with a Gripseal Wood Sealant: as above, but only two thin, even coats need be applied. Sand lightly after the first coat for a smoother finish.

GripSeal – Resilience – Technical Specifications

Appearance: Opaque Liquid
Solids Content: 25.0 %
PH: 9.1
Pendulum Hardness: 45 Cycles
Heat Stability: Passed
Freeze Thaw Stability: Passed
Blocking @ 60 Deg: Non-Blocking
Touch Dry: 35 Min
Recoat Time: 60 Min
Gloss @ 60 Deg:: 82%
Resilience Imparts: Good Gloss
Velvet or Matt
Excellent Durability
Good Chemical & Water Resistance